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Elk Grove Township Offers Free Career Seminars In 2017

Elk Grove Township Employment Support Center has resources and services for job-seeking residents that includes:  resume review, job search help, tips and unconventional ways to find jobs, resource materials, computers, printers, and free seminars.  Our staff is ready to serve those who are seeking a new opportunity!   We have multiple job listings posted on our resource board in the main hallway and dozens more that are sent out via email blast.  If you, or someone you know is looking for employment, please call us at 224-222-0935.

The Final Career Seminar for 2017 is entitled “The Purpose Driven Job Search”.  It will be held on Tuesday, November 14th from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Elk Grove Village Township offices (2400 S. Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights).  Details about the seminar: There is evidence that focusing a job search toward a purposeful target is the best way to land a job.  We will provide you the means  to determine your purpose and the steps to assure your career direction.

Presenter: Bob Podgorski – “The Career Guy”.

Reservations are appreciated.  Call to reserve your seating – 224-222-0935 or JobHelp@ElkGroveTownship.Com

Sign up for the Coast2Coast Prescription Card

To Register for a Coast2Coast Rx Card (“The Card”Click here and then choose “Elk Grove Township, Illinois”.  Provide the requested information and then print a copy of The Card .  It is a free discount prescription card honored by more than 59,000 pharmacies nationwide and it offers discounts on more than 60,000 drugs.  Just follow the easy instructions to register and then begin to receive possible discounts on your medications, dental care and eyecare costs.

Sample and Information for Coast2Coast Rx Card


Elk Grove Township has a Vet Center Licensed Clinical Social Worker for Combat Veterans and their families.


Agency Grant Applications for the Township’s fiscal year 2018-2019 will be available in late 2017

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